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Portrait of an Electronic Music Pioneer

Subotnick explores the life of electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick.  At 90 years of age, he has become a cult figure for a whole new generation that have come to recognize him as “The Father of Techno”.  Featuring live performances captured in surround sound and augmented with innovative liquid-light psychedelic effects, Subotnick is a multimedia experience that highlights and celebrates one of the world’s most influential living composers.

Upcoming Screenings
IndieLisboa Film Festival - Lisbon, Portugal - April 29 + May 2, 2023
Dedicated to Documenting Electronic Music History

About Waveshaper Media

Waveshaper Media is a film and television production company based in Toronto dedicated to preserving electronic music history. Formed in 2011 when director Robert Fantinatto and producer Jason Amm got together to produce the 2014 indie-film hit I Dream of Wires, the company has just completed two new feature length documentaries along with a ongoing web series and a specialized music label.

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