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Electronic Voyager:
Bob Moog's Strange Sonic Journey (2023)

2h 5 min   |   English 

Electronic Voyager is a feature-length documentary that follows Michelle Moog-Koussa on an emotional road trip journey, retracing her father’s groundbreaking footsteps. Michelle’s father is the late Dr. Robert Moog (1934 - 2005), a true American innovator who is arguably the most important figure in the history of electronic music, through his invention of the now legendary Moog synthesizer.


A daughter's journey...


Michelle Moog-Koussa, a devoted Moog archivist and historian, has dedicated her life to her father’s legacy, as founder and Executive Director of

The Bob Moog Foundation.


Through Michelle’s eyes, we glimpse the places and meet the people who were a part of Moog’s history, experiencing a firsthand account of Bob Moog’s incredible sonic journey: from his childhood in New York, to his introduction to the world of electronic music, and through the incredible ups and downs of his company, Moog Music.


Michelle’s voyage is an effort to reconcile the father she knew, with the world-famous music icon.

Michelle Moog-Koussa

Our Mission


Besides creating a feature length documentary film that celebrates the life of an important American innovator, we are compiling an archive of interviews with many of Bob Moog’s associates, colleagues and the many musicians who used and loved his instruments.


This archive will become an important resource for future scholars and filmmakers who will want to tell the story of the evolution of electronic music and Bob Moog’s crucial role in its development.

Gary Numan

PHO416-BOB PORTRAIT_edited.jpg


Jean-Michel Jarre

Gary Numan

Rick Wakeman

Bernie Worrell

Larry Fast

Gershon Kingsley

Dick Hyman

David Borden

Laurie Spiegel

Morton Subotnick

Suzanne Ciani

Joel Chadabe

Michael Boddicker

Ed Kalehoff

Rick Wakeman

Jean-Michel Jarre

Family, Friends and Associates


Shirleigh Moog

Laura Moog-Lanier

Herb Deutsch

David Van Koevering

Roger Luther

Tom Rhea

David Mash

Bill Hemsath

Jim Scott

Wayne Kirby

Felix Visser

Peter Zinovieff

Bernie Worrell

Larry Fast

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